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Recent Education - 2020 & Ongoing


Playful Garden                                               Fred Lisarius, Carla Sonheim Creative

Box Building for Beginners                         Erin Maurelli, Minnesota Center for Book Arts

Travel Journals                                               Susan Joy Share, Center for Book Arts, NY

Alternative Printmaking at Home.             Rosae Reeder, MCBA




Year of the Rabbit                                           Carla Sonheim, Carla Sonheim Creative

DIY Papermaking at Home                           Sophie Hotzler, Minnesota Center for Book Arts

Storytelling with Mixed Media Collage       Grace Gilbert, Minnesota Center for Book Arts


Triptych of Coptic-Stitch Bindings.            Bari Zaki, Bari Zaki Studio

Making Color Come Alive 

   with Still Life Paintings

Watercolor Workshop                                    Carl Dalio, via the Red River Watercolor Society

Birds on Birds - Acrylic*                                Alison O'Donoghue, Carla Sonheim Creative

The Seeded Notebook*                                  Henrik Drescher, Carla Sonheim Creative

Carla's Year Long Class - 2022                      Carla Sonheim Creative

Year of the Collage - 2019*                            Carla Sonheim  Creative   


Introduction to InDesign                               Maine Media


Zhen Xian Bao - Chinese Thread Book      Nancy Akerly, San Diego Book Arts

Buttonhole Stitch Journal*                            Bari Zaki, Carla Sonheim Creative

Stained Glass Trees - Acrylics *                     Dar Hosta James, Carla Sonheim Creative


Journal for a New Year                                    Stephanie Wolff,  Jaffe Center for Book Arts

The Illustrated Notebook                               Stephanie Wolff, JCBA




Artist's Books, Non-Linear                            Yuka Petz,  Minnesota Center for the Book Arts

Single Signature Sampler                              Amanda D'Amico, MCBA

Drum Leaf Binding & Its                               Scott McCarney, Center for the Book, New York


Making a Mini-Memoir                                 Regula Russell, MCBA

Artist's Books, List, Collection &                  India Johnson, MCBA



Japanese Stab Binding                                    Laurel Jedamus, MCBA

Experimental Embroidery                            Michelle Wilson, San Francisco Center for the Book

   on Paper

Paired Station Coptic                                     Scott McCarney, Center for the Book,  New York

Fun with Accordions                                      Rosae Reeder, MCBA

Beeswax Collage on Canvas                          Elaine Chu, SFCB

Gel Plate Print Inspired by Nature              Elaine Chu, SFCB

Sewn Boards Binding                                    Karen Hanmer, Private Lessons

ABC's of Lark Head Binding                        Dorothy Yuki, SFCB

Rights & Permissions for                              Suzanne Glemont, MCBA

   Book Artists

Stab Binding: Design Your Own                  Yuka Petz, MCBA

Spooky Edition:  Optical Toys                      Keri Miki-Lani Schroeder, JCBA

Map Folds                                                        Laurel Jedamus, MCBA

Sewn Journal Sketchbook                             Stephanie Wolff,  JCBA

Mechanical Holiday Cards                            Shawn Sheehy, JCBA


The Layered Accordion                                 Stephanie Wolff, JCBA

Star Accordion Book & Ornament              Stephanie Wolff, JCBA

Also in 2021

Became a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) in May 2021


Orizomegami                                                      Kathleen Sheridan, MCBA

Artist's Books:  Building Narrative                   Radha Pandey, MCBA

Mini Sheet Single Class                                      Amanda D'Amico, MCBA

Papercut Explorations                                        Beatrice Coron, MCBA

Masu Box                                                              Amanda D'Amico, MCBA

Introduction to Paper Marbling  Demo          Heather Fletcher, MCBA

Pattern Making                                                    Anika Schneider, MCBA

Folded Greetings & Other Surprises                Mary Leikvold, MCBA

Upcycled Book Demo                                         Sarah Matthews, MCBA

Japanese Papers/Decorative Papers Demo     Yuka Petz, MCBA

Constellations of Paper Stars                             Yuka Petz, MCBA

Artist Circle                                                           Regula Russell, MCBA

*Pre-recorded classes

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