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The Book Arts genre includes but is not limited to:  bookbinding, making handmade books, making moveable books including pop-ops, printmaking, letterpress printing, paper making, marbling, cartonnage, calligraphy, origami structures, collage, and creating one-of-a-kind Artist Books.  Ideas for expression are limitless under this broad genre.  

FullSizeRender 3.jpeg
FullSizeRender 4.jpeg

Artist Books, One-of-a-kind.  Accordion fold with hard covers; including collage, hand carved stamps, and

glassine windows.

An Artist Book is an idea looking for a format, or a format looking for an idea.

Bari Zaki Studio_Buttonhole Stitch Journal_Spine View.jpg
Bari Zaki_Buttonhole Stitch Journal_Signature View.jpg

Buttonhole Stitch Journal

 Coptic Stitch Bindings

Cover of Zhen Xian Bao .jpg
Zhen Xian Bao Book Open_Twist Boxes Closed.jpg
Zhen Xian Bao - Twist Boxes Open.jpg

Zhen Xian Bao, or Chinese Thread Book

Book Pendant w_Piano Hinge (closed).jpg
Book Pendant w_Piano Hinge (open).jpg

Pendant Book with Piano Hinge

Drum Leaf Binding - Open View.jpg
Drum Leaf Binding - Front View.jpg

Drum Leaf Binding

Sewn Boards Binding Book_Karen Hanmer_ed
Japanese Album with Hardcovers, 2021.jpg

  Sewn Boards Binding

Japanese Journal

Pamphlet Book - Pochoir .JPG

Pochoir Cover

Hardover Book with Button Closure.jpg
Hardover w_Button Book - Spine View.jpg

Hardcover Book with Button Closure
Sewn with Tapes 

Japanese Stab Binding Books.jpg

Japanese Stab Bindings on Lokta

Layered Accordion - Close-Up.jpg

Layered Accordion

Star Accordion Ornaments.jpg
Star Accordion Ornament - Open.jpg

Pamphlet Book with Watercolor Imprint

for Cover

Fold - Page Insert Pop-up w:Coffee Cups.

Explosion Fold

Star Accordion Ornaments (closed & open) 

Star Book.jpg
Star Book, View #1, 2020.jpg
Star Book, View #2, 2020.jpg

Star Books

Flag Books

Pinwheel Twist Boxes.JPG
Pinwheel Twist Box - Open.JPG
Twist Fold - Image One.JPG

Twist Boxes

French Door - 2021.jpg
Dos-e-do with hardcovers.jpg

The Dos-a-do

French Doors

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